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Loyal to our maxim: "Fashion is what is not fashionable" , we de L'Impermeabile“moda è quello che non è di moda”, noi de l’impermeabile non siamo moda: non creiamo, un determinato prodotto perchè in questo momento “ va di moda”.

because it is in fashion, in reality we produceL'Impermeabilesince 1948!

There are styles that are part of the fashion history, these are the ones that do keep the style, these do not need to change themselves every year.

Each of us wear L’IMPERMEABILE with his own style, proud to wear an iconic garment.

L'Impermeabile (by the way, we called him simply like that, with the apostrophe elle) L’IMPERMEABILE is proud to be worn, bold because it is going to be recognized among the crowd, worn with your own touch of style.
Our raincoats do distinguish because we gave them a touch of vintage world, we are from Tuscany and we do like traditions, our Factory was born in 1948 and now into the 3rd generation, this is our approach to the products we manufacture since so long.