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Sewn protective masks, not heat-sealed, made in Italy

Package of 10 non-woven polypropylene non-woven protective masks.

For the exclusive use of the community.

- Single use

- Made in Italy

Price including VAT

Shipping cost: 6 €


The possibility of using "filtering" masks for precautionary purposes (art. 16, paragraph 2), which are neither medical devices nor personal protective equipment, does not apply to healthcare professionals or to all other workers for whom prescribed the use of specific safety devices, obviously with regard to the period of performance of the work.

LANDI filter masks can be used by all those people or workers whose job does not already include the use of another type of protective mask or PPE in the company DVR.

Filter masks for use in the workplace and for the community in general, other than in the health sector, as laid down in article 16 of Legislative Decree no. 18/2020.

“TNT 3 layers” mask

  1. METHOD OF USE: it is important to wear and dispose of the mask correctly, otherwise it can be a source of infection for the germs that could be on it. Hand washing is required before opening the mask box or removing one.

To wear them correctly:

To wash hands;

Place the mask on the face to cover the nose and mouth;

While wearing the mask, avoid touching the mask with your hands and if necessary, wash before and after touching the mask.

To remove it: Wash your hands;

Throw the mask into a collection bag that must be dedicated to the masks and must be disposed of, taking care not to touch the masks inside; To wash hands

  1. WHEN TO USE IT: to be used when it is not possible to keep a safe distance from other people.
  2. HOW LONG: as needed and at most until the device gets wet, with the breath as per WHO indications. In any case no more than the work shift.


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